We are sad to announce that The Music Store has permanently closed  

We would like to thank you for over 30 years of business and celebrating music with us.

For advice and insight on any of your music needs, please email the former owner JP at jpemusic1@gmail.com.


Please know that our teaching studios will still continue to be open under the name The Music Store Studios, owned by our long loved teacher Tracy.
You may learn more about The Music Store Studios, lessons, and their amazing teachers by visiting their website.

The former Music Store owner JP is also available for lessons! You can learn more by visiting his website.


You can find your guitar and amp repair needs with Baker Amps and Dezember Fretworks, in one convenient location right next to where The Music Store once was. You can find more info about guitar and amp repair at their websites
DezemberGuitars.com and BakerAmps.com respectively.